Lagoon & Waterway Maintenance

  • The Public Works Department maintains several lagoons and waterways within the town. These water features are primarily used for flood control purposes, although several offer recreational benefits as well. Comprehensive maintenance of these waterways is performed on an annual basis.

    Upcoming Maintenance

  • We will be filling the Lagoons to within 6 inches of their normal High Winter levels today to allow for a run off.  Shorebird levels will be left down per the Lagoon policy. 
  • Note that during the rainy season, whenever a one-day forecast predicts precipitation, the Lagoon water level will be changed from High Winter Level to Low Winter Level. The Lagoon will remain at the Low Winter Level until a clear two-day forecast, at which time it will be raised back to the High Winter Level. For more detail, please consult the Lagoon Management Policy.
  • Comprehensive Waterway Maintenance

    The Fall and Spring Maintenance Periods lower the lagoon water for a week to give lagoon residents time to complete dock repair and maintenance. The regular Spring and Fall maintenance schedules for Lagoon No. 1, Marquart Lagoon, Edgewater Lagoon, High Canal, Low Canal, Pixley Lagoon, Black Kettle Lagoon, Shorebird Marsh, Marina Village Retention Pond, San Clemente Creek Pump Station and Slide Gate is as follows: 
  • Spring 2017 Maintenance - The Spring Maintenance period is scheduled to begin the first Sunday in April, for a week. Please arrange for your dock repair and maintenance during this time frame while the lagoon water levels are at their lowest.
  • Fall 2017 Maintenance - Begins the third Sunday in October and continues through the next weekend. Please arrange for your dock repair and maintenance during this time frame while the lagoon water levels are at their lowest.
  • Addendum - Dock Maintenance
    The water in the lagoons and canals will remain at a level to support the aquatic wildlife. Residents, who require the water level to be lower than this to perform dock maintenance, will need to dam off their work area and use a pump to remove the remaining water.

    When is the water lowered?  The lagoon water will start to be lowered on the usual flush cycle.

    When is the water filled?  Provided that all dock work is complete by end of day Sunday, lagoons will begin to double-flush on Monday and refill to the appropriate seasonal level on Thursday.

           If you have any questions, call the Department of Public Works at 415-927-5057.

           Normal Weekly Flushing Schedule

Walk High and Low Canals and remove any debris and note any possible concerns/anomalies
Drain High Canal
Drain Lagoon 1, Marquart Lagoon, and Pixley Lagoon *
Fill Lagoon 1, Marquart Lagoon, and Pixley Lagoon to prescribed levels
Confirm lagoons are at prescribed levels
Confirm levels
Confirm levels

  • * On Wednesday, the automatic gates at High Canal Pump Station are set to the summer mode to allow water - incoming tide - into the High Canal to a predetermined level (2.0 ft). When that level is reached, the gates close. In turn, the water from the replenished High Canal drains into the three lagoons. When the High Canal drops to a level of 0.0 ft, the gates reopen and repeat the cycle. On the next out-going tide, the gates open and remain so until the next in-coming tide.

    This protocol allows for a more robust flush of the lagoons. In order to avoid overfill at Lagoon 1, we close 2-3 of the “outside” flap gates so that water can enter from only the three remaining gates. All of the six inside gates remain open so that all water that has entered the lagoon drains back into the High Canal. On Thursday, we change the mode of High Canal to “summer” so that we attain the prescribed summer levels. Marquart Lagoon is automated, and barring a malfunction, it is not a concern. Pixley Lagoon is small and not automated, so we monitor the fill rate.

    Additional Information

    For additional information such as weekly flushing or the summer and winter water levels, please refer to the Lagoon Management Policy.