Summer Camps

SKYHAWKS Tiny-Hawk Soccer  3-5yrs

This program is designed to give children a positive first step into soccer. Your young athlete will learn the fundamentals of dribbling, passing and shooting in a fun, safe and positive environment. Through age appropriate games and activities, participants learn balance, body movement, foot/eye coordination, teamwork and sportsmanship! The participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 6:1.

SKYHAWKS Tiny- Hawk Baseball  3-5yrs

This program is designed to give children a positive first step into baseball. Your young athlete will learn the fundamentals of fielding, catching, throwing, hitting and base-running in a fun, safe and positive environment. Through age appropriate games and activities, participants learn balance, body movement, hand/eye coordination, teamwork and sportsmanship! The participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 6:1.

Skyhawks Soccer Camp  6-12yrs

This fun, skill-intensive program is designed for beginning to intermediate players. Using our progressive curriculum, campers will gain the technical skills, strategy and sports knowledge to take their next step into soccer. All participants receive a t-shirt, soccer ball and player evaluation. The participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 12:1.


This multi-sport program was developed to give children a positive first step into athletics. Baseball, basketball and soccer are taught in a safe, structured environment filled with lots of encouragement and a big focus on fun! Through games and activities, campers explore balance, hand/eye coordination, and skill development at their own pace. All participants receive a t-shirt, sports ball and merit award. Participant-to-coach ratio is 8:1.

STEM Challenge with LEGO  Ages 7-12 / Grades 2-6  

Level up your engineering skills with Play-Well TEKnologies and tens of thousands of LEGO®! Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects such as Belt-Drive Cars, Truss Bridges, Rail Racers, and Pneumatic Forklifts! Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. There is no prerequisite for this course.

Intro to STEM with LEGOAges  5-6/ Grades K-1

Let your imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO®! Build engineer-designed projects such as Trains, Helicopters, Tree houses, and Beam Bridges. Then use special pieces to create your own unique design! New 
and returning students can explore the endless creative possibilities of the LEGO® building system with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor.  There is no prerequisite for this course.

Game Design Coding
No age restriction

During this week session, campers will construct interactive games made from program using Scratch—a visual and easy-to-learn programming language that allows anyone with big ideas to have fun. While learning computer science ideas, campers will run, jump, and crawl through an interactive obstacle course of their own design. They will learn the basics of programming and circuitry as they turn everyday objects into their own interactive playground. Think draw in pencil and then translate to pixels.
Entering Grades k–8

Adventures in Minecraft Game Design Athena iTech Camps Weeklong Beg – Advance Ages 7-9

 Create, explore, and put your problem-solving skills to the test by building an adventure map and resource packs. Many schools—even universities—are adopting the Minecraft platform to help with reading, writing, math, and science. But let's just tell our kids it's a video game, okay? Take breaks with supervised outside play, sports, and other fun activities.

Carpentry for Kids 5-11yrs

Carpentry for Kids is an educational enrichment program for K-6 designed to teach boys and girls practical woodworking skills with an emphasis on the safe use of hand tools. These skills include measuring, fractions, sawing, drilling, rasping, fastening, sanding, shaping, and assembly. In the process of learning these skills, students will have an opportunity to create fun, functional and beautiful projects, and will
be exposed to a variety of valuable concepts such as abstract reasoning, applied mathematics, problem solving, craftsmanship, fine motor skills, respect for tools, and patience. This rich opportunity for learning is created by the students’ motivation to use tools, and create fun projects. Location: Community Center Patio
Instructor: Nat Davis or Chris Health

Tennis Camps - Ages 5-10
Level 1 Ages 5-6 - Marin Munchkins

Children will be introduced to tennis through simple activities and games with the help of special equipment designed for this age group. Activities will ensure that participants have fun while aiding in early motor skill development.
Location: TP tennis courts

Level 2 Ages 7-10 Junior tennis

Join the new team sport in town! If you are between the ages of 7-10, Corte Madera Junior Tennis League is the team to join! Using the quickstart play format, kids are immediately introduced to the game and learn to rally the ball the first time they step on the court. Beginners welcome!
Location: TP tennis courts

Kids Capoeira  5-12yrs

What is Capoeira?
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art self-defense form that incorporates acrobatics, dance, percussion, Portuguese language, and songs in a rhythmic dialogue of body, mind, and spirit. It is a communal game in which two people play each other inside a circle, formed by the other players who create rhythm for the game by clapping, singing and playing traditional percussion instruments.  Capoeira is a well-rounded health and fitness activity for kids and adults.  It is a full body workout that improves flexibility while developing core muscles, strength and motor skills, especially the laterality awareness of their own body. 
For more information visit Instructor: Lisa Silva
Location: Main Hall

Happyfeet soccer Ages  2-5yrs

Stories & Games... On the Child’s Level HappyFeet classes are 30 minutes in length (National Association for Sports & Physical Education 
recommendation), and every child constantly has a ball. We introduce the game of soccer through creative play. using nursery rhymes, songs, stories and fun games with a soccer ball to maximize motor skill development. Two and three year olds love acting out nursery rhymes and songs. Four and five year olds have a blast with stories and fun games. The HappyFeet soccer ball is called “Bob the Bobcat!” Kids love taming their “Bobcat!” Location: Town Park Area G
Instructor: Coach Frank 
No class on 7/7

Super Soccer Stars Kick & Play  12-24 mths

Kick & Play is a parent-child pre-soccer and movement program specifically designed for toddlers between 12 and 24 months. Our experienced instructors along with our puppet friends, Mimi & Pepe, take you and your little one through a world of exciting physical activity. Individual attention, positive reinforcement, and engaging original music help to develop pre-soccer skills that will have your toddler learning to balance, run, kick and play – all while having a blast!
Location: Main Hall

World Cup Soccer Camps  5-13yrs

Your Sport...our Passion Since 1991 World Cup Soccer Camps & Clinics has set the standard of excellence for youth soccer camps and classes. With an emphasis on instruction, your child will receive the highest level of attention in a fun and safe environment. Our morning sessions are dedicated to technical training and developing skills.  We create many touches on the ball to make it exciting and to improve your child's game. Half days conclude with small-sided games. In the afternoons we play games  where we work on tactics and positioning. All our coaches are skilled players, great with children and love to teach. With a 1 to 10, coach to player ratio, we are able to focus on high-quality and individualized training. Your child will be a better player after camp while having a lot of fun.  You can choose between Full Day and Half Day with the following camp choices: The U6-Fussball Academy (ages 5-6), the Classic Skill camp (all levels, ages 7-9) and the Advanced Player's camp (more experienced players, ages 10-13). Goalkeeper training and Team Camps are also available.
Instructor: World Cup Soccer Camp Staff

Pure Potential Academy Soccer Camps

Pure Potential Soccer has developed a program that simplifies effective fundamentals that will create consistency in the game of soccer.
The focus is to develop basics principals that can enhance the individual ROOTS to his or her body mechanics and TECHNICAL SOCCER FUNDAMENTALS. 

Pure Potential’s program for youth will focus on these three solid methods: 
1. Body Balance: Understand your own body mechanics
2. Ball Approach: Understanding how to properly approach the ball; this can make a difference
3. Visual Direction: Learn to visualize the play before you showcase it

Teamwork is emphasized and sportsmanship is expected. Pure Potentials methods are structured and concise so they can focus on creative play.  
Technical Director: Abe Torres 
Co-Technical Director: Edwin Tenorio  

Aikido Kids of Tamalpais Samurai Summer Camp Ages  6-12yrs

What is Samurai Summer Camp all about? Children learn Martial Arts in a fun, safe and playful environment. Activities include:

Samurai games
Basic swordwork through Jedi
lightsaber training
Skill-building samurai obstacle courses
Calligraphy-inspired painting
Action origami
Taiko-inspired drumming
Learning the seven virtues of the Samurai: fairness, courage, kindness, respect, honesty, success, dedication
Sitting back and listening to stories of wisdom & kindness
Learn how to make sushi

All activities are subject to change or substitution. Uniforms are available for purchase for $50. Location: Aikido of Tamalpais
142 Redwood Avenue, Corte Madera, CA

Please note:

New students can schedule a free, introductory lesson before camp starts. Last open classes run through the end of June.
Pack a sack lunch for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Tuesday and Thursday are Sushi days
Bring a backpack with plenty of water, walking shoes, sunscreen and a hat.
Notify us of any food allergies—in writing, please.